Mboro pool

The Middlesboro City Pool will not be open this year. The city received an estimate earlier this week that it will cost about $8,000 to have the pool repaired. The city has set up a fund to accept donations that will go toward the repairs.

The City of Middlesboro had their pool inspected earlier this week to determine how much it will cost to repair it.

A company from Louisville did the inspection and Mayor Rick Nelson says their estimate is around $8,000.

Nelson announced in April that he and the council were trying to make a decision on whether to open the pool or close it for the summer. Many community members have spoke up about the need for the pool and brought several ideas to the Middlesboro City Council that included setting up a fund that would go specifically to the pool repair.

“We had some individuals that have told me they would like to contribute toward having the pool fixed,” Nelson said. “If this is the case, you can contribute by sending a check to the City of Middlesboro, and on your check put ‘pool repairs.’”

The pool will not be open this year even if the repairs are made. Nelson said this is due to budget concerns.

“Whether you like this or not, it is what we are facing moving forward. We do have commitments to help with repairs and expenses to make it better for next year,” he said. “Thank you for your understanding in this matter.”

Anyone that wants to help contribute toward having the pool repaired can send a check to the City of Middlesboro  P.O. Box 756 and label “Pool Repairs” in the memo line.

“We will have a fund set up and none of this money will be used for anything but the pool repairs,” Nelson assured.

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