New staff members

Many of the new staff members at Pineville Independent Schools were at Monday’s school board meeting.

Superintendent Russell Thompson introduced all of the new staff members at Pineville Independent Schools to the Pineville School Board at Monday’s meeting.

“We’re very pleased with the new staff that we have here and their enthusiasm and effort that they’ve given us so far. What they are able to bring to our district is phenomenal,” Thompson said. “We’ve got great people to put in front of our kids to make this the best education that they could possibly receive. I appreciate their efforts so far and I look forward to what we’re going to be able to produce in the future.”

The new certified employees include: Kyle Adams (high school Math), Dustin Allen (middle school Special Ed.), Charity Hayes (intermediate Science), Caitlyn Jeffrey (primary Special Ed.), new boys varsity basketball coach Brad Levy (high school Special Ed.), Dale Mayberry (Band), Amy Shields (high school Math), Heather Spade (5th & 6th grade Reading & Writing), Clark Teague (middle school Social Studies), Kimberly Yates (high school English) and Ann Gaines (high school Science).

The new classified employees include: Amber Abner (Save the Children), Ana Gonzalez (cafeteria), Jeremy Hicks (maintenance supervisor), Amy Hoskins (cafeteria), Darren Jackson (technology), Latisha Owens (sign language interpreter) and Amanda Patterson (Save the Children coordinator)

“I would just like to officially welcome all of you to the Pineville Independent family,” school board chairman James Golden said to the new employees. “We’re very excited about of you and we’ve heard great things about you from Mr. Thompson. There are a lot of good things happening at Pineville right now and we feel a positive energy and enthusiasm going forward that we’re excited about.

“We feel like Pineville is kind of on a roll right now. You’ve probably heard about the snafu we’ve got going on with the Bell County System, but I think our greatest insurance of being here long term is doing a great job.”

Thompson also gave an update to the board on enrollment numbers at the school. The school opened with 561 students, the exact number of students they started with last school year.

“It’s not exactly the same. We have five less elementary students and nine less middle school students but we have 14 more in the high school,” Thompson said.

 “Those are good numbers. We have 67 seniors right now which I believe is a record number.”

He said there are currently 32 non-contract students enrolled at Pineville from the Bell County School District, including 11 in Kindergarten and 11 freshmen.

“We have 222 students from Bell County grandfathered in along with six siblings for a grand total of 260 Bell County resident students,” Thompson said. “Our numbers are up in all resident districts, including our own. I think that speaks well of what kind of product we’re producing here at Pineville Independent and what kind of environment and care and the opportunities we’re providing for students whose parents chose to bring here.

“We’re going to do everything we possibly can in order to help them succeed. I think that shows in the numbers.”

Thompson explained to the board that Pineville will not be receiving SEEK money from the state for the 32 Bell County resident students that are not grandfathered in. “Based on $6,000 per student, that’s over $180,000 that won’t be coming into this county to educate students. Instead that money is staying with the state,” he said. “That’s not our decision. The reason we’re not contracted is based on the Bell County School Board’s decision. They’re the ones keeping that funding from those students. But we’re going to keep providing the best education that we can.”

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