PHS weight room

Pineville High School football coach Randy Frazier joined superintendent Russell Thompson and principal Catrina McDermott in welcoming Mountain Lion athletes to the newly remodeled weight room on Monday.

Pineville High school has a newly remodeled wieght room, thanks in large part to community donations and the hard work of a few key employees.

The former weight room was actually part of the football locker room. When a leak in the sealing led to emergency repairs needing to be made, the decision was made to gut the locker room portion of the building and turn it into an expanded weight room for all student athletes to enjoy.

“We’re not finished but we’re functional. I’m telling you right now it’s as good as it gets. We’re excited about it and excited to go to work,” said PHS football coach Randy Frazier. This is just a place for our kids to be proud of. We just challenged our athletes, I told them: ‘If those folks care this much about you, then it’s time for you do to your part and get in there and go to work.’”

Superintendent Russell Thompson expressed his thanks to local business that helped with the project, which was done at a cost of under $10,000.

“We want to thank the local businesses that we collaborated with on weight room renovations,” he said. “These renovations will provide a great opportunity for our coaches and student athletes.  We appreciate all taking pride in their work and giving their best for our students.”

Those businesses included:

Pat Howerton Roofing

Josh Lambert Construction

Odie’s Gym Family Fitness

Glass Plus LLC

Corbin Wellness Center

Emmett’s Floor Covering

DJ’s Lighting Solution

“One reason we were able to get thing done in such a cost-efficient manner was because we have a man on site who can make great things happen,” Thompson added. “David Baker has worked here for a long time and it’s hard to pin-point everything that he does for our school district and for our students. He’s as irreplaceable as anyone in the building. He put countless hour into getting this finished. He came in during time off when he wasn’t even scheduled to work. The reason he does that is because he wants nothing but the best for our school and our students. We appreciate him very much and words can’t say how much he’s respected.”

Frazier also wanted to thank Pine Mountain Crossfit and Odie’s Gym for letting the football use their facilities while the weight room was being completed.

The new room features top of the line weight lifting equipment as well as a 27-yard stretch of turf that will be used for footwork drills or as a soft place to lay for floor exercises. There are large mirrors so athletes can check their form during exercises.

A countdown clock and large screen computer monitor will soon be added.

“It’s everything. When you talk about athletics the weight room has become critical for success,” Frazier said. “We’re here developing athletes and this room is for everyone, male and female. If you’re going to be successful you’ve got to have something like this to take it to the next level in any athletic program.

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