Pineville Pool repairs

Employees of the Pineville Utility Commission have been working to get the Pineville pool ready to open this summer.

The Pineville City Pool will be opening on Memorial Day this year. It was announced at Monday’s City Council meeting that the leaks have bee repaired and the council approved the rates for the using the pool.

Mayor Scott Madon gave a big thanks to the Pineville Utility Commission for allowing their employees to work on the pool to get it ready.

“If had not been for the water company and the manpower that Robert Roan and the utility commission has allowed in getting that going we wouldn’t have been able to open it this year,” he said. “They were able to fix all of the leaks in the pool and they’re working on the splash pad — most of that has been destroyed because of water line breaks. But they’ve got two sections working on the splash pad so the smaller kids will have something to play with.”

The pool will be open from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday, 10 to 6 on Saturdays and noon to six on Sundays.

Children age three and younger are admitted free. Admission is $3 for kids age three to 17 and $4 for anyone 18 and over.

Pineville Independent Student passes will be distributed this week before school is out; each student will receive one numbered, color-coded silicone wristband pass for the season. Lost pass replacement requires proof of enrollment at Pineville plus $10..

Individual color-coded season passes for individuals of all ages are $40.00 for the season and can be purchased at Pineville City Hall. Replacement bands require original receipt plus $10.

Family color-coded season passes are $100.00 and can be purchased at Pineville City Hall. Family passes are for a dynamic of up to five immediate family members. Replacement bands require original receipt plus $10.

Passes will be available for purchase at Pineville City Hall beginning Wednesday, May 22.

“The pool is probably in better shape than we’ve seen it in some time,” Madon said. “We anticipate, with the pools on both sides of us closed (Middlesboro and Barbourville) that it will be busier than ever. We’re still going to continue to provide the students from Pineville with free admission because that is the school’s pool we just manage it.”

The pool can also be rented in the evenings, starting 30 minutes after closing. The cost is $150 plus 6-pecent sales and use tax for two hours and $300 plus 6-percent sales and use tax for three hours.

At Monday’s meeting the council also heard from citizen and former Pineville Police Officer Ricky Washington, who was requesting speed bumps to be installed in Virginia Avenue.

“We’ve got major speeding problems,” Washington said. “There are 17 kids living on Virginia now and it seems like from the school zone to the end people just open it up. Sometimes they blow throw the stop sign and someone is going to get seriously hurt.”

Madon said he wasn’t sure if the city was legally allowed to place speed bumps on a main street like Virginia.

“I know we’ve put them in alleys, but we’ll have to research it and get back to you,” he said.

In the meantime the city will increase police patrols and presence in the area to try and cut down on the speeding.

The council also approved Lighthouse Mission’s annual fundraising roadblock request.

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