Everything there is, everything that exists, always has existed. At one time all of it got packed in so tightly that it blew up, exploded. All that packed stuff began to move away from the start, to fill in the empty space. Time and space got married and they have been floating around together ever since. They are joined together like a blanket undulating in a gentle breeze. The mix of the two flap together at a constant speed until it meets up with a gravity field. Gravitational pull slows down time. When people experience these forces, it takes us longer to get   through space when gravity is strongest.

I hope I haven’t turned you off by my physics lecture, because I want to apply it to our lives. The pull of gravity for humans is strongest at sea level. There is less gravitational force up on mountain tops where time fills space more slowly. The higher up on a mountain, or sky scraper in a city, you live, the slower time will pass. You will live longer.

Or have you ever wondered how pilots for United or Delta always look so young and healthy? It’s because they spend so much time up in the sky that they age more slowly than the baggage handlers on the ground. Clocks run slower in the sky.

Further out in space, where gravity has less force, a GPS satellite runs more slowly than the one on your device on Earth even though they will show the same “time”. Further out, with astronauts on Mars, when they send a message to Huston, it takes eleven minutes to get there, and eleven minutes to get a reply. Where is the message for those 22 minutes? It is neither here nor there, but in the elsewhere, undulating in space/time.

Since clocks run more slowly out in space than they do on Earth, what happens to astronauts in space exploration? Twin sisters, age 20, worked for NASA. One managed communications in Huston. The other went off on a forty year space mission – twenty years going and twenty coming back. When the space twin returned, only four years had passed in her life. She was 24. Her sixty year old sister met her when she landed.

Clocks run more slowly the higher up you go, so I have some advice for your New Year’s Eve celebration if you go to New York. Don’t waste your “time” with the happy, rowdy drunks down in Time’s Square. Instead, have your party at the top of the highest sky scraped you can afford. Since time moves more slowly up there, then you will have more “time” to party.

Or go to Louisville for your fun. After you bring in the New Year at the top of the Marriott, have your designated driver take you over the “time” zone line in Indiana. When midnight comes again on Central “time”, you can keep on reveling. And if you are rich enough, then take your Lear Jet to Denver and have another good “time”. We never run out of time, even if it outruns us.

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