A new literacy program is coming to Pineville Independent Schools thanks to a grant from Save the Children.

The Pineville School Board approved the grant and the two new positions it will create at Monday’s meeting.

Save the Children is focused on getting children reading at the proper grade levels and the grant provides a literacy program for Kindergarten through third grade.

“This is something that we’ve not had before. The students set goals and work throughout the year to try and reach those goals so that by the time every student is in third grade they’re reading at at least a third grade level, if not above,” Superintendent Russell Thompson said.

The grant covers the cost of one supervisor position and one assistant position.

“They will work together to set up schedules and work with teachers on  getting kids up to their reading level.”

In other good academic news for the school, Dr. Robert Thomas of EKU reported to the board that his services are no longer needed.

Thomas has served as a math consultant for the Pineville Independent School System over the last ten years.

“He was able to set up programs to help us build a strong number of concepts with our students all the way from second grade through their senior year of high school,” said Thompson. “He has monitored and worked with our teachers in order to give them the rescources that they need in order to succeed.”

Thomas told the board he feels the school’s staff is in the best place that it’s ever been and that scores are reflecting very positively through the yearly assessment and iReady scores.

Dr. Thomas feels he is leaving it in the hands of a good administration and that Pineville Independent is on the verge of becoming “next level” academically.

The board also approved moving forward with roof improvements that are needed around the old gym and primary parts of the building.

Thompson said there were leaks in those areas and the board has allowed him to seek quotes on having the damaged parts of the roof removed and replaced.

“This is not the construction that we did last year, but we have to maintain these buildings the best that we can,” he said. “This is a step forward for us and hopefully it will have a positive effect on the education we offer here.”

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