The Pineville-Bell County Public Library received the grant, Let’s Learn Together Outside, which promotes family literacy and learning through playing together outside. This grant is awarded through the National Center for Families Learning. Let’s Learn Together Outside is a program designed to provide families with the necessary tools and skills to work with their little ones, while also providing new learning experiences for the children.

 While this program promotes family literacy and includes activities to help both parents and children, it also allows for essential family bonding time, which enhances the ability for families to learn.

To help implement this new program, the Pineville Library has updated their patio with new landscaping and raised garden beds, which will be used to teach families about growing various vegetables and herbs for their families.

The Pineville Library is honored to have been chosen for this grant, and is excited to offer families more resources and opportunities to learn new skills. The first program date is Monday, June 3rd at 2:30 p.m.

 Registration is not required, but is encouraged so that enough supplies and tools are on hand. For more information, contact Erica at (606) 337-3422.

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