Superintendent Russell Thompson relayed some good news to the Pineville Board of Education at last week’s meeting.

He shared that the latests KPREP testing shows the school is performing very well in reading and that the district received an overall 3-star rating.

“We have done very well in our reading across the board. We are ranked a 3-star district — Elementary 3-star, Middle School 3-star, and High School 3-star,” Thompson said. “I’m very proud of our accomplishments, but we’ve also identified areas of growth and we feel like we have a good plan in place in order to achieve at even higher levels.”

Assistant Principal Randy Frazier told the board the district has seen significant improvement in iReady scores this year compared to last year. iReady tests students in K through 9th grade in Reading and Math three times a year.

“We feel like we’re taking steps and we have made a big jump in student achievement — more than double in some areas,” Thompson said. “That was a good sign coming into this year and we hope to see those score reflected on the state assessment.”

The School Board also approved their Board Goals for the 2019-20 school year.

The mission of the Pineville Independent School System is the create a learning environment that contibutes to the comprehensive development of ALL students. Through a cooperative effort, the district and community will utilize ALL available resources to enable our students to become successful and productive citizens.

Under that mission statement, the board set goals for Student Acheivement, Finance, Attendance, Safety and Community Involvement.

Under Student Achievement, the board focused on having varied and effective instructional strategies — specifically targeting differentiated learning styles — and programs that will have the most positive impact on improved student learning.

The Board also expects to realize their target score of profecience on annual state assessments and a goal of 70 percent of seniors graduationg College and Career Ready by 2020.

Under Finance, the board will continue to support the various instructional and extracurricular programs offered at the school and actively encourage staff to applay for grants and other federal/state financial support. They set of goal of maintaining a six-pecent contingency fund, though the state only requires two percent.

In Attendance, the board set a goal of increasing the district-wide attendance rate to 93.5 percent for this school year. In 2018-19 that number was 92.41 percent.

Under Safety, the board recommends continued monitoring of al areas of the district to provide a safe and healthy learning and working environment for students and staff.

Under Community Involvement, the board will continue to engage the business community and other stakeholders in its efforts of be the school system through which any child can find success. By continuing these partnerships, we will improve our educational system thus assuring our students will receive an outstanding educatin that will in turn have a positive ipact on the economic health of our community.

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