At Monday’s meeting Pineville Board of Education approved the deed to finalize the purchase of the Partin property, which sets just across from the Elementary school on Virginia Avenue.

The board and Superintenden Russell Thompson have been working to purchase the property for nearly a year. Thompson said there are no specific plans for the property as of yet, but the chance to acquire land bordering the school was too good to pass up.

“It’s a lot and a brick house. We’ve not got to look at it to see exactly what that’s going to be able to create for us, but we’re excited about that opportunity. The family that lived there was big fans of the Pineville School System and would love to see it in the hands of the district,” he said. “We’re going to do our best to provide the best opportunity for our students that we can with that property. I appreciate the board’s forward vision to see that this is something the school can utilize in the future.”

He said the school was considering holding an outdoor prom with a tent on the lot this spring but there were several options for how it would be used in the future.

“There are certainly a lot of options. There could be a build on that lot, we could make it into a parking lot, we could keep it as a building to offer a place where kids can go across the street and do science experiements,” Thompson explained. “It’s going to offer more storage for us right now and it could possibly be a future setting for our central office. That would open up space in this building where our central office currently is for more student use.

“For the immediate future I know it’s going to be good to have more storage and more space. We’re possibly looking at having our prom there, it’s a great spot for it. We’ll just have to see what the future holds for it.”

The board also approved the use of the old gym for the former Middlesboro Men’s Basketball League. The Pineville Men’s Basketball League, which of operated by Danny Griffin, is looking for a new home with Middlesboro’s East End Gym no longer available.

By allowing the league to use the gym, Pineville’s athletic account will receive $500 for each league.

The summer league plays games two weeknights each week with a winter leage operating on Sunday evenings.

Assistant principal Randy Frazier informed the board that the school was already in compliance with Gov. Beshears latest executive order, which requires all school districts to offer or expand in-person instruction. The order also requires schools to continue to offer meaningful virtual options for students who choose to attend virtually through the end of the school year.

He also told the board that HB 208 making changes to Non-Traditional Instruction was signed into law on March 4. Effective March 29, schools will only be able to use five NTI days for the rest of the year. Any NTI days over that amount would have to be made up.

Thompson said there was some extra time built into the schedule so he didn’t think tht would be an issue for Pineville unless there were some type of emergency.

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