We at The Pineville Sun believe it is our job to provide comprehensive, reliable news coverage, and the unprecedented COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic we are facing is no different.

Because of our commitment to the people of our community, we are pleased to announce that for the next two weeks, The Pineville Sun and its sister newspapers in Nolan Group Media will be lifting the paywall of our websites, giving everyone unfettered access to everything we have and will publish.

We realize many of our readers who would traditionally purchase a printed copy of our newspaper each week are staying home. We believe it is our duty to bring you the news in every way we can during this time.

As we continue to face the uncertain days ahead, we will be steadfast in our coverage and how it affects our area as well as any state and federal-level disruptions that may occur.

We encourage everyone to practice the best health safety practices they can and to use wise discernment going forward.

We will make it through this together.

Continue to follow us at www.thepinevillesun.com and on our Facebook for the latest news.

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