Relay for Life of Bell County raised a grand total of $42,406.90 for the American Cancer Society this year. Their fundraising efforts were capped the annual Relay on Sept. 7 at Middlesboro High School’s Fuson Brothers Gymnasium.

“I want to thank all teams and team members that helped with Relay this year,” chairperson Melissa Ramsey said. “What some people may not realize is that this is a yearlong endeavor for our teams.  We fundraise all year long, not just on the night of Relay.  It takes dedication and commitment from our team members and I am so thankful to have the great people I do surrounding me.  Our hard work is reflected in the fact that we raised $42,000 this year.  I also appreciate the support of all our sponsors who help us to achieve our goals.  Every dollar raised or donated makes a difference.  Every day more effective treatments are being discovered and tested and it is just a matter of time until we have a cure.”

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