The ROHO Club held it’s annual fishing tournament on Saturday at Norris Lake with good weather, good fishing a great turnout all to benefit a terrific cause.

Each year the club raises money through the tournament to fund it’s annual Christmas Shopping Spree for about 350 children from the Tri-State area.

“We couldn’t do it without all of the support from the community. So, Thank you to all of our sponsors, thank you to everyone donated prizes and everyone who purchased a ticket,” RoHo president Alex Cook said. “There’s definitely a passion for helping the kids.”

Brad Burkhart, a Middlesboro native representing BassPro Shop in Kodak, Tenn., helped in drawing tickets for door prizes.

“If you’re from where we’re from you know that this is an essential thing for our little part of the world.  If you get a chance to come to the shopping spree that they have, a lot of these kids come through with smiles two miles long. Without this organization that wouldn’t happen,” he said.

2021 Fishing Tournament results

 WALLEYE            2ND JON COOPER 1.00

2021 Prize drawing results


Prize Package—Bass Pro Shop—Tammy England

Recliner—England Furniture—Casey Hunley

$200 Cabin Rental Gift Cert. —Norris Lake Rental—Robert Wilmouth

$50 Gift Certificate—Buttery’s —Mike Sizemore

$50 Gift Certificate—Buttery’s —Leo Lane

$50 Gift Certificate—Buttery’s —James Sumpter

$50 Gift Certificate —Buttery’s—Mary Runions

$50 Gift Certificate —Buttery’s —Union Co. Chiropractic

$50 Gift Certificate—Buttery’s—Ashlee Fuller

2 Buffet Dinners—Pizza Inn-Tazewell — Trish Edinger

2 Smoke Detectors —Jim Brown Supply— Harold Orr

Car Detail Kit—O’Reilly Auto Parts-Middlesboro —Alexander Investments

$50 Gift Certificate —Food City-Middlesboro —Wes White

$50 Gift Certificate—Food City-Middlesboro — Patsy Sullivan

$25 Gift Certificate—East End Pawn Shop —Gary Mason

$25 Gift Certificate —Little Joe’s BBQ — Chris Hodge

One ham — Smithfield-Middlesboro —Union Co. Boat Dock

One Fire Extinguisher—Worldwide Equipment —Blake Bowling

$50 off a Watch—Enix Jewelry-New Tazewell — Fish-N-Fun

Gift Bag —Fountain Square Pharmacy —Todd Green

$25 Gift Certificate—Imperial Bait & Tackle—Leeza LaRue

$25 Gift Certificate — Imperial Bait & Tackle —Patrick Eldridge

$25 Gift Certificate—Imperial Bait & Tackle —Alexander Investments

$25 Gift Certificate—Imperial Bait & Tackle— Kenneth Hollingsworth

$50 Gift Certificate — Hillcrest Lanes — Kelly McClain

One Cap, One Shirt —Jackson-Grunt Hunt Club—M. Codill

One Cap, One Shirt —Jackson-Grunt Hunt Club—Tammy Webb

$15 Gift Certificate — Little Joe’s BBQ —Daelyn Fry

$100 — Eddie Beeler — Virginia Collins

$50—Arnett & Steele Funeral Home —Barbara Sears

$50—Arnett & Steele Funeral Home —McAffee

$50—Schneider Insurance — Ronnie Young

$50—Chu-Con Inc. —Trish Edinger

$50—Rabbit Roe Farm—Vicky Hurst

$50—JD & Pam Skidmore—Justin Mitchell

$25 —Stan Alexander — Margie Shores

$25—Lost Creek RV Park—Donnie Hoskins

$25—Lost Creek RV Park—Scotty Moyers

$25—Lost Creek RV Park—Rusty Peace

$25 —Lost Creek RV Park —Robert Vaughn

$50—Tuck’s Advertising Specialties—Jamie Collett

— — —

Since its founding in 1965, the ROHO Club and its members have worked diligently to help underprivileged children throughout four counties in the tri-state area of Southeast Kentucky, Northeast Tennessee and Southwest Virginia, by generating funds each year through the annual ROHO Fishing Tournament to provide these youngsters clothes and toys they wouldn’t otherwise have if not for the organization’s existence.  

Over the past five decades the club has grown from a hand full of area businessmen to a list of members more than 60 strong, and is comprised of men from all walks of life who vary in age from their early 20’s to their middle 80’s.  Each spring the club sets a goal to sell as many tickets as possible to its annual fishing tournament in an effort to help more of the area’s needy children.

Despite tough economic times and in an economically depressed area, the club’s goal each year is to surpass its prior ticket sales to further assist additional underprivileged children, while at the same time continuing to recruit new members, and to gain further support from local businesses and area residents in Bell County Kentucky, Claiborne and Union County Tennessee, and Lee County Virginia.  The ROHO’s mission will always be to help a child in need.

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