The State Primary Election will be on May 21 and one of the Republican candidates for Secretary of State made a campaign stop in Pineville last week.

Stephen L. Knipper gave Allison Grimes a run for her money in 2015 despite not having much of  a budget and carries that experience into this year’s election.

“She outspent me $841,000 to $41,000. It was my first shot at a statewide office and the end result was 51 percent to 49 percent,” he said. “I think the deciding factor was that I made an issue to clean up the voter rolls.”

He said at that time there were 18 counties with more registered voters than citizens. After the election was over Knipper found out there were 48 such counties and expect that number to reach 60 if something is not done to clean up the rolls.

“That leaves a lot of room for voter manipilation, voter fraud and thing like that,” Knipper said.

Knipper has a background in internet technology and has served on the Erlanger City Council.

“I have an IT background and I found out that all of Kentucky’s voter date has been sold and posted on the dark web,” he said. “People said I hit that issue too hard, but after Donald Trump was elected and the Russian hacking thing started those same people now say they know what I was talking about.”

Knipper said many county clerks across the state just don’t know what to do to clean up the rolls. He said it’s not just a Kentucky problem but a nationwide problem.

Ohio implemented a plan to clean up their rolls that was challenged but upheld by the Supreme Court. Knipper wants to use that same plan in Kentucky.

“That was the second big indicator that I needed to run again,” he said.

Knipper said his background in computer security what makes him the ideal candidate for Secretary of State.

“I’ve been in I.T. and cybersecurity for 15 years and worked for Catholic Health Initiative, which is the largest hospital chain in America,” Knipper said. “I was their I.T. guy fighting off cyber criminals so I have a lot of experience with it and I know what to do to modernize the office.”

Knipper also said he wants to add real time online voting for veterans.

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