The Bell County Bobacts made a long trip on Friday to scrimmage a tough opponent in Johnson Central. The Golden Eagles lost last year’s Class 4A state championship game by just two points and look poised to make another deep run in this season.

Bell County got a long touchdown run by London Stephney to tie things up at 7 after each team had the ball once.

From there, Bobcat coach Dudley Hilton dialed back the playbook and Johnson Central went on to a 28-7 win.

“It was tough, but we knew going up there what kind of situation we were going to. They couldn’t find a scrimmage and we couldn’t find a scrimmage so we decided to go up there. They’re going to come back down here next year,” Hilton said.

“We just didn’t get the ball very much. They kept it away from us a little bit. That’s what we needed to work on was our defense anyway. I thought we got a good look at our defense. We messed up a few times, hopefully we’ll learn from our mistakes.”

“We didn’t want to get anybody hurt,” Hilton added. “We averaged nine yards per carry and they averaged ten. The score didn’t really matter because I’ve never set out to win a scrimmage game in my life. We played hard and that’s what we wanted to do. I was satisfied that we came out injury free. That’s really what we set out to do — play a good team plus not overdo it and make sure we got out alive, which we did.”

The Bobcats open the regular season on Saturday against Collins in the Bob Allen Pigskin Classic at Danville. Kickoff is set for 6 p.m.

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