Three businesses in the city of Middlesboro have been approved by the state to sell liquor, wine and beer through the granting of retail quota licenses — Food City, Kroger and an establishment located at 1501 Cumberland Avenue under the name Cumberland LLC.

Mayor Rick Nelson shared the news last week and pointed out that these licenses are differnt than the malt beverage licenses that allow establishments to sell only beer.

Middlesboro ABC Administrator Sheila Durham said the state chose the three liquor license recipients from a list of seven applicants.

She said the state of Kentucky considers criteria such as the square footage of the business and expected economic impact when making the decision.

“The city has not impact on the state’s decision on who is granted a quota license,” Durham said.

Although the licenses have been granted, some work will still need to be done to meet guidelines before liquor sales can start. An outside entrance to any liquor store is required and it could take 30 to 90 days for construction to be completed at some locations.

Like with the tax revenue generated through the sale of beer, revenues generated through the sale of other alcoholic beverages must be used by the Police Department.

“What we wanted to do is keep those tax dollars in the City of Middlesboro so we can better fund our city,” Durham said.  “It’s going to benefit our community.”

The expanded sell of alcoholic beverages is expected to generate a significant amount of new tax revenue for the city.

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