Two men have been taken into custody after a multi-jurisdictional capture was made for break-ins at several storage units in Kentucky, Virginia and Tennessee.

The Bell County Sheriff’s Department in conjunction with Claiborne County Sheriff’s Department and the Lee County Virginia Sheriff’s Department served arrest warrants on 33-year-old Proctor Jones, of Fourmile, and 33-year-old Mikel Ray Taylor, with a last known address of Middlesboro. The two were charged with Burglary 3rd degree.

Authorities descended on a Coleman camper set up on a lot on Stewart Branch in the Wallsend Community to arrest the men. Once in custody deputies began taking inventory of the site along with it's contents. The camper  turned out to be stolen from New Tazewell, Tennessee approximately three months ago.

A burned area marked the spot where it appeared that some stolen items from at least two units had been destroyed. Inside the camper was found bolt cutters and more stolen items. During the course of the investigation it was also discovered that the two men had a storage unit in Pineville that was to be inventoried possibly containing several stolen items. As of this report that inventory had not happened.

The storage units broken into in Bell County Kentucky are Highway 119 Storage and Capps Storage. In Claiborne County Tennessee, Sheriff Bob Brooks told WRIL that 14 units were broken into in Cumberland Gap. There were also several in Lee County Virginia.

Bell County Deputy Adam Southern lead the investigation. He said that victims will have an opportunity to identify their belongings soon, but has not give an exact time.

If you have been a victim of these crimes, please contact Bell County Dispatch to arrange a time to come and identify your belongings at 606-337-6174.

Sheriff Mitch Williams says that anyone who purchased any items from the individuals in a gray Dodge Durango when they were set up at the old "Big Blue" parking lot in Pineville on either May 26th or 27th has bought stolen items.

If you return the items to the Bell County Sheriff's Department you will be allowed to leave without charges being filed. However, if you choose to keep the items and they are recovered by the department you will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

If you need to make arrangements to turn the items in, please call Bell County Dispatch at 606-337-6174.

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