More affordable and less debt aren’t usually associated together when talking about higher education, especially a private college, but Union intends to make it happen through Union Distinction.

On Friday, the college revealed a new financial aid plan specifically designed for residents in 19 Promise Plus counties.

“We know that the rising cost of a college education is a major concern for families,” says Dr. Dave Meredith, Interim Vice President of Enrollment.

As a student in one of these counties you can expect the following from Union Distinction:

Tuition Lock- 4 years,1 price; that is our promise to you. We will lock your tuition for 8 semesters so that you can know exactly what you are going to pay to obtain your college degree.

Merit Scholarships-  Incoming students who earned at least a 24 on the ACT with an above 2.0 high school GPA will be eligible for an Academic Merit Scholarship ranging from $15,000 up to the full cost of tuition.

Additional Merit Scholarships are available for outstanding talent and commitment in Choir, Band, Drama and Community Service.

Financial Assistance-  Southeast Kentucky's neediest students in the Promise Plus counties will receive financial assistance without going in to a huge debt. Students will have their loans capped at levels ensuring that when they graduate from Union, their debt will be among the lowest of all colleges in Kentucky; public or private.     

Loan Repayment Assistance- Finally, because we believe a Union degree will prepare graduates for the career of their choice, select students will be eligible for a program to provide loan repayment assistance if they struggle to find a job immediately after graduation.

 “This part of the broader Union Distinction initiative will help make a Union degree more attainable for families in SE Kentucky by providing predictability in tuition rates, rewarding academic excellence through merit scholarships and reducing the amount of loans most students need to earn their Union degree,” adds Meredith.

To learn more about Union Distinction and what it means for you, please visit

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