The Pineville City Council has passed the second reading of a new zoning ordinance that will prevent any drug or alcohol treatment clinics from operating in the downtown area. The measure was approved during a special called meeting on Thursday.

Main Street Pineville Executive Director Jacob Roan told the council at December’s meeting that the ordinance was basically the same as one the city of Middlesboro has on the books.

“It places very minor regulations on drug or alcohol treatment facilities,” he said. “We can’t zone out a facility like this or any other type of business. But we can restrict it to the highway or another  area that could open up through zoning later on.”

The ordinance requires any such clinic or treatment facility to be located 1,000 yards from a school or church.

Mayor Scott Madon said under those restrictions a clinic would have to be located at the hospital.

“We had some business owners that were concerned that there could be clinics opening in town. We certainly don’t want a clinic right in town after all of the work we’ve done to upgrade our downtown community and especially with what we’re getting ready to do. We’re about spend $5.5 or $6 million on renovations around the Courthouse Square,” he said.

“We’re not opposed to having a clinic in the city, we would just want it to be away from our downtown area and where it’s not going to be close to businesses, churches and schools.”

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